This is a very effective operation which is used in circumstances where floor and track sawing are not practical. The saw with its direct drive hydraulic motor is capable of cutting to a depth of 165mm using a 400mm blade.

This lightweight agile saw is ideal for cutting openings in brick and block and re-inforced concrete walls, in tight spaces and internal areas, due to the lack of fumes .It has high torque ratings powered by a 40 Lpm petrol power pack which can be situated outside the building. Where depths exceed 165mm, this saw can be fitted with a wider pre cut blade to allow depths of 300mm to be reached with a accompanying hydraulic ring saw.

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• Solid sawing cutting depth of 165mm
• Ring sawing cutting depth of 300mm
• Chain saw cutting depth of 500mm
• No dust due to water suppressed cutting
• Low vibration levels
• Flexable power sources (petrol, hydraulic or electric)
• Multifunctional


After the pre-cut is formed, this saw with its eccentric drive allows a cutting depth of up to of 300mm using a 400mm blade. With its quick hydraulic connectors it easily swaps straight over from the solid saw obtaining its power from the same 40LPM power source.


Where depths exceed 300mm we can offer Hydraulic chain sawing as a solution allowing us to reach depths of over 500mm using the same power source. This saw benefits from being able to cut flush square corners with no overcuts making for an aesthetically pleasing finish.

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