Diamond drilling is one of the most efficient and cleanest  ways of creating openings in reinforced concrete and brick and block for all different types of trades such as plumbers, air conditioning installers and electricians, for the installation of pipes, cables, ducting and trunking through walls, floors and ceilings. Diamond cores are mounted on the rotating end of various non percussive drive motors. Powered by electric or hydraulic power, this technique ensures low noise output and is dust free. These motors can be operated in horizontal, vertical and inverted positions Not only does it give you a clean, smooth positional, accurate hole, it is also one of the safest and operative friendly ways of forming openings due to the dust free, low noise and very low Hand and Arm Vibration levels.

We offer the ability to drill holes from 8mm to 1000mm, to virtually any depth in almost any substrate and for larger irregular sized holes; we offer stitch drilling making any opening at any size or depth obtainable.

  • Dust and vibration free diamond drilling
  • Lightweight
  • Hole sizes from 8 mm over 1000 mm
  • Low noise output
  • The most precise method of forming service penetrations
  • Multifunctional
  • No dust due to wet cutting
  • Clean and safe drilling
  • Dry drilling where required
  • Flexible power sources (electric or hydraulic)
  • Non-percussive techniques maintain structural integrity
  • Fully trained CSCS accredited operators
confined space asbestos sssts